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Your questions answered

Can I have the same babysitter each time I book?

We will always try our best to match our sitters to the family. Whenever possible we will book a sitter who is familiar to you and your child/children. You are more likely to have a preferred sitter if you give us plenty of notice.

I’m not sure about leaving my children with someone I don’t know.

All our sitters are carefully chosen, mature adults with lots of experience with children. They include mums, grannies, qualified nannies, nurses & teachers. We understand many parents have concerns when they leave their children with someone they don’t initially know. Please discuss any concerns you may have with us. We are sure, however, that once you start to use our service and meet one or two of our sitters, you will soon feel comfortable leaving your children in our sitters’ capable hands.

How do you check the babysitter’s references?

All our sitters are mature individuals with family or professional experience with children. Each sitter is interviewed personally by us, face to face, and we obtain two character references. They are all police checked or hold a current CRB certificate. We are very thorough in our selection process.

Can I meet the babysitter before booking?

It is not usually practical to have our sitters visit a client beforehand. However, we would suggest that on your first booking you could arrange for the sitter to arrive 30 minutes earlier than needed. This would give you time to get to know the sitter and for your children to be introduced to her before you leave.

Why is there a minimum booking of two hours?

We have found that, in order for our babysitters to give up their evenings to look after your children, a minimum booking time of two hours ensures that their time is valued and any travelling costs are met. On Fridays and Saturdays the minimum booking is three hours to ensure availability of sitters.

Why do you charge both registration and booking fees?

Registration fees cover the cost of general administration and in attracting, interviewing and reference checking sitters so that we can maintain a consistent, reliable service. Booking fees cover the variable costs of scheduling sitters for when you request them.

Do you provide babysitting services during the day?

We mostly provide sitters for evening bookings. However, we can provide sitters for daytime sits if given sufficient notice. We are not a nanny agency and cannot provide more permanent daytime care.

Is there a maximum number of children per babysitting?

We do not specify a maximum number of children per sit. However, we do make an additional charge if sitters are required to look after children from a different family and may on occasion see the need for more than one sitter to be booked. Each situation would be looked at on an individual basis.

How much notice do you need if I want to book a babysitter?

We ask for at least 48 hours notice to make a booking and preferably a week or more for Saturday bookings. Also, the more notice you give us, the greater the chance of booking a preferred sitter.

How late will the babysitters stay?

A normal sit is regarded as one that finishes at midnight. A 1am finish is regarded as late and an extra £1 per hour is charged after midnight. Anything later than 1am is regarded as a special request and we would require plenty of notice to organise a really late sit. Similarly, if you require a sitter to start before 7pm, especially on a weekday, the more notice you can give us the better as not all sitters are available very early in the evening.

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